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Entrevista concedida ao site ProMosaik!

Mesmo que esta entrevista esteja em Inglês, Alemão Turco, vale postar aqui!

Alex Garcia - a deaf-blind educator for inclusion and dialogue

By Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. In the following my interview with Alex Garcia, a deafbllind person from Brazil. As you already know, ProMosaik supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in society because they are an enrichment for the so called "normal" people who can learn so much from them. Here you can find the profile of Alex Garcia to get an idea about him. Alex tries to share and or disseminate the job he performs for what concerns inclusion. He won the Prize Brazil More Inclusion in 2016.

Alex Garcia - a deaf-blind educator for inclusion and dialogue - here:

Alex Garcia - Taubblindheit ist eine Stärke

Alex Garcia - Sagir ve kör birinin rüyalari

Thank you Milena Rampoldi and ProMosaik. Please, share and with my best and kind regards! Alex Garcia - Deafblind Person from Brazil.

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